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2022-04-08 admin

The 1st Preparatory Committee Meeting Of The Female Sci-Tech Talent Capacity Building Center Successfully Held

In aligned with the UN sustainable goals on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, China initiative to establish the ‘Female Sci-Tech Talent Capacity Building Center’ has obtained positive responses from Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Croatia, and South Africa. The Center dedicates on building globally female sci-tech talents collaboration network via three capacities building courses and diversity events under the leading of International Council for Women in Sci-Tech.

On April 7, the 1st Preparatory Committee Meeting of the Female Sci-Tech Talent Capacity Building Center was successfully held with the attendance of Dr. Jieni Guo, Secretary-General of Beijing International Exchange Association, Ms. Rosana Jamal Fernandes, Enterprise Director of Anprotec, Ms. Nicole Troster, Founder & Manager of ELLA Accelerator at York University, Dr. Sara Medina, Board Member of SPI and Enrich in China, Ms. Slavica Singer, Professor Emeritus of J.J. Strossmayer University and UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurship Education, and Ms. Yavi Madurai, Executive Director of Pan African Business Women's Association and others. During the meeting, the participants agreed to establish the International Council for Women in Sci-Tech and discussed about the curriculum of the three capacity building courses and the website building.