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2022-07-29 admin

Webinar on Women in the Workplace Successfully Held Online

As a derivative of the Female Sci-Tech Talent Capacity Building Center, the International Women’s Leadership Initiative was proposed by Beijing International Exchange Association, ELLE Accelerator, and Women’s Business Centre. The initiative is a global series that hosts global experts to explore and address leadership issues affecting women. It promotes a greater understanding of the unique priorities, needs and challenges faced by women, as well as tactics to help women overcome key barriers to fully participating in entrepreneurship and the workforce. The webinars are aimed at fostering learning, inspiration, and catalyze ideas to address gender-based barriers. 

As the first event, the discussion is aimed at fostering learning, inspiration, and catalyzing ideas to address workplace gender-based barriers. During the event, Ms. Nicole Troster, Founder & Manager of ELLA Accelerator at York University, Dr.Georgette Zinaty, Executive Vice President of Corporate Class Inc., Council Member of Forbes Corporate and Founder of WHEW! (Women Helping Empower Women), Dr.Lamei Wang, Visiting scholar of Fairbank Center of Chinese Studies at Harvard University and Associate Professor from College of Psychology at Shenzhen University and Ann W. Madsen, Executive Director of The Centre for Women and Founder of The Tampa Bay Women's Business Centre gathered together to discuss about gender equality and provide tactics for addressing gender-based barriers. Over 20 viewers has participated in this webinar.